March 1, 2009

How Do We Create Pork Barrel BBQ Spice Rubs? First Stop - Penzeys Spices

Heath is the real culinary genius of Pork Barrel BBQ - a true master of the bbq grill and kitchen. We have a special process for each dry rub we create. It all starts with a trip to Penzeys Spices - be sure to visit them at We are convinced they have every spice known to man!

For our All American Spice Rub, Heath purchased over $120 worth of spices and created five test dry rubs. We then hosted a meeting of the Pork Barrel Kitchen Cabinet, a group of 10 of our friends (really an excuse to eat and drink) that test each dry rub. At the end of the evening, we take their comments and Heath makes a rub combining the best of all the rubs!

Our All American Spice Rub contains Heath's secret blend of 14 spices. I was really amazed to see the final list - you'll never be able to guess all the ingredients! They sure do taste great together!!!

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