March 31, 2009

Best BBQ Joints in America - Arthur Bryant's

You are sure to get a healthy argument in Kansas City over where to get the best BBQ in town. Folks in Kansas City tend to be loyal to their favorite BBQ Joint like your dog is loyal to you. One of the BBQ Joints that can claim as large of a loyal following as any in Kansas City is Arthur Bryant's.

Arthur Bryant was know as the "King of Ribs" and some have called him the most renowned barbequer in the history of barbeque. Arthur got into the barbeque business when he visited his brother Charlie, who worked for Henry Perry who started the Kansas City barbeque tradition. Arthur never left Kansas City and the world of barbeque after this visit. After Henry and Charlie died, Arthur took over the business and perfected the sauce. About the sauce, he once said, "I make it so you can put it on bread and eat it."

Arthur Bryant's many loyal fans include New Yorker columnist Calvin Trillin, who once called Bryant's the best restaurant in the world. Over the years a number of Presidents have dined at Bryant's, including Harry Truman (the Kansas City areas hometown President), Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton. Other well known celebrities who have dined at Bryant's include Steven Spielberg, George Brett, Wilt Chamberlain, Robert Redford and Jack Nicholson.

Bryant's slow smokes its meats with a combination of hickory and oak woods (Pork Barrel BBQ's favorite mix of smoking woods) to perfection. Step up to the counter and order a beef sandwich with white or wheat Wonder Bread. The man behind the counter slaps down the bread, puts at least a half of a pound of meat on the bread and then provides a generous slathering of sauce. There is literally enough meat on the sandwich for two or three meals!!! Don't forget to add fries, beans and a good helping of pickles and wash it all down with a Boulevard Wheat Beer - Kansas City's hometown beer.

You'll find the original Arthur Bryant's at 1727 Brooklyn Avenue, in downtown Kansas City. In recent years one has opened up at the Ameristar Casino and at the Legends at the Kansas Speedway. Check them out on the web at

If you need anymore convincing just look at the picture at the top of this blog post and try not to drool all over yourself.

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  1. All I can say is daaaaannnng! Great stuff!

    = SmokeInDaEye

  2. That is a good way to express ones feelings for Bryant's. It's daaaaannnnng goooooood!!!!!

  3. Thanks! Have you had the good fortune to eat at Bryant's? If not, make sure you hit it up on your next trip to KC!