March 3, 2009

BBQ Blog - Let's Meat on the Avenue Hosts - Beef 101 - Meat from a Butcher's Point of View

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From our friends at Taste DC -

Beef 101 - Meat from a Butcher's Point of View
Fee $78.00
March 22nd, 2009 (Sunday) From 3:00pm to 7:00pm
Let's Meat on the Avenue
2403 Mount Vernon Ave.
Alexandria, VA 22301

Join Taste DC as we meet you out at one of Virginia's best Butcher Shops - Let's Meat on the Avenue - for a late afternoon class and dinner full of tasting and enjoying many great cuts of Beef! We'll spend our time at Let's Meat on the Avenue learning all there is to know about cuts of beef, where they come from and how to cook them to maximize your tasting pleasure. Please see the Outline and Schedule Below! This event is all about the Butcher's perspective on beef: the how, where and why of choosing the finest steaks in the world! Our butcher for this class is Steve Gatward, an Englishman who became a butcher early in his career and has learned the ropes from the United Kingdom to a short stop in Australia! Let's Meat specializes in pasture-fed, free range and hormone-free meat and poultry raised on local farms, and much of his meats is sourced from an abattoir in Fauquier Virginia - now that's local! Also included in this event is a discussion and demonstration of the best selections of beef as well as a Full Dinner of various beef cuts including New York Strip, Sirloin, English Roast Beef, and Kobe Beef burgers with sides prepared in a cooking demonstration is included in the price of the event.

Beef 101 Class Outline:

Sourcing the Meat - the Cattle Connection:
-Raising Animals (Husbandry)
-Organic vs. Grass-Fed vs. Lot-Feeding
-Discussion of marbling and what makes the best cut of beef
-Flavor components of beef (tenderness, flavor, texture characteristics) with diagram

The Butcher's Perspective on Beef:
-What Butcher's Look for in Beef
-Diagram of a Steer and Overview of Various Cuts of Meat
-Carving demonstration displaying where different cuts come from, and how they'll be served ultimately to the customer
-Discussion of how meat is graded or if graded meat is better than non-graded meat
-Differences between restaurant and supermarket beef
-Choosing beef cuts including the most economical and specialty cuts

Cooking Demonstration and Steak Dinner

-Discussion of how to get the most flavor out of beef, cooking techniques, how different cuts should be cooked (braising, searing, stewing, baking)
-Aging of Meat and it's effect on quality and flavor
-Doneness of meat methods and why meat needs to rest
-Simple recipes for steaks and side dishes
-Question and Answer and more discussion of beef basics and trade secrets for getting the best deals on beef

PLEASE NOTE: All attendees of this event will get a special one day 10% off discount for all products purchased at Let's Meat on the Avenue.

Please come in casual clothing for this event.

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