March 15, 2009

Best BBQ Joints in America - Rocklands Barbecue and Grilling Company

Since we are two guys from Missouri, you probably think all we can talk about is great Kansas City Barbecue - and you'd be right - except for a little gem of a BBQ joint we found in Alexandria, Virginia - Rocklands Barbecue and Grilling Company.

This is where we go when we miss the taste of home! I only order their pulled pork sandwich - I'm sure everything else is great - but I see no need to mess with a great sandwich. I get their blue plate special, which includes the choice of two sides - can you say collard greens and texas corn pudding (oh my!)?

Every BBQ restaurant gets it right sometimes, but Rocklands gets it right everytime - I'm so impressed by their commitment to quality. They also have a huge catering operation - they even served BBQ for the inauguration!

They have four locations in the DC metro area - be sure to stop by and tell them Pork Barrel BBQ sent you. Also, check out their great line of sauces manufactured by our friend Tim Ashman of Ashman Manufacuring Co.

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