March 15, 2009

The Tools of the BBQ Trade - Chimney Smoker

Besides your grill, the single most important BBQ tool is a chimney smoker! What's a chimney smoker you ask? A chimney smoker lets you quickly start your charcoal, without having to use any starter fluid. Simply put your charcoal in the chimney, place some paper in the bottom and in 15 minutes your coals are ready! There are several benefits: 1) its faster - your coals are in an instant; 2) your don't have to use lighter fluid - meaning your food won't taste like fuel and you can help out the environment by not burning excess fuels. Bottom line - you're cooking faster and it tastes better! They cost about 20 bucks and last 1-2 BBQ seasons depending on use - so go pick one up today!

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  1. Excellent tip with big help! Thank you once again!
    I buy Barbeques

  2. You bet! Please let us know if you have any great BBQ tips!