May 7, 2009

The Tools of the BBQ Trade - Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker

It's a big day for Pork Barrel BBQ - we just acquired two Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker Smokers! Check it out!

We have a number of events and BBQ competitions coming up and we needed the capacity to cook a lot of great BBQ! What is really amazing about the Smokey Mountain Cooker (we got two 22.5 inch models) is that it can hold 8 slabs of ribs, 4 pork shoulders, 2 briskets, even 2 turkeys! I smoke a lot of BBQ on my Chargriller, but to be honest it takes a lot of work keeping it fired up. With the Smokey Mountain, I can put lump charcoal and some wood chunks in the bottom and come back 12 hours later and it will have maintained a perfect temperature - you can't beat that.

We came to the decision to buy these thanks to the great web site - The Virtual Weber Bullet - its really one of the best BBQ sites I have ever seen. Thanks to the folks at the Virtual Weber Bullet site for helping us make a great decision - we'll keep you posted on our smoking success!

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1 comment:

  1. Man I love my 18" WSM, but that 22.5" does look sweet. I run a Stoker on my WSM to maintain constant temp, not to mention peace and harmony with my "other" love (AKA my fiance). She saw me checking the 22.5" out at Village Hardware in Alexandria on Sunday, so she probably won't be surprised if one somehow appears on the patio one day. Two questions: you guys ever use pecan wood? Village Hardware says they can't get pecan wood chunks, and I'm trying to find a local source as opposed to going on the web and ordering online. Also, do you have a good source for whole "packer" briskets? I'm buying mine at El Grande Supermercado in Springfield, but it's always nice to have another source for comparison purposes.

    Thanks and nice job on the pork shoulkder and sauce at DC BBQ battle.