April 18, 2009

Best BBQ Joints in America - Jammin' Joe's BBQ

If you live in the DC area and travel down to Charlottesville, VA on Route 29, then you probably know about our favorite roadside BBQ joint - Jammin' Joe's BBQ!

Jammin' Joe's address is: 5282 Lee Highway, New Baltimore, VA (5 miles south of Gainesville on Route 29) - BE CAREFUL - it is easy to miss, but you will be sad for the rest of the day if you miss it (trust me, I know). They operate out of a mobile BBQ trailer that looks like a log cabin. They inspired us to start Pork Barrel BBQ - it showed us that if you deliver quality product, even if its on the side of a highway, the people will come!

We are a huge fan of their Pulled Pork Sandwich - they provide a very generous portion, with a great sauce. Also, be sure to try their beans, I think they use 7 different beans! Check them out at http://www.jamminjoesbbq.com/index.htm. They are big BBQ competitors and have recently open a Florida location - be sure to try them out - you can say you knew about them before they spread nationwide!

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