April 14, 2009

BBQ 101: What Not To Do - Shopping Cart Grill

We recently received an email from one of Pork Barrel BBQ's biggest fans asking us if we'd use the method of grilling shown in the picture to the left. I'm pretty certain that I can speak for both of us when I say - I don't think so. However, with that being said, here are a few points we'd make for the aspiring shopping cart griller.

First, although we have never attempted to grill on a shopping cart grill we do commend you for your creativity. We understand as well as anyone that when you get the itch to grill the only thing that can stop that itch is to grill. I suppose there might be times when this itch occurs at a time that you don't have access to a more typical grill choice like a Weber, hence the reason you've got to reach for the shopping cart grill.

Second, if one does decide to grill on a shopping cart grill we believe the person grilling in this picture has gotten it right. We would advise against using a direct grilling method where you put meat or vegetables directly on the cart - always use a pan or stick as demonstrated in this picture to avoid direct contact with the shopping cart. If possible, you might want to give the shopping cart grill a good cleaning before you christen it with its inaugural grilling session.

Third, it is probably advisable to remove all plastic from the cart before you begin to grill. Notice in this picture that there is still plastic attached to the handle and seat. Assuming the fire gets hot enough the individuals dining on this griller's dish might get the unpleasant surprise of some melted plastic in their meal. Better to be safe than sorry so take the five minutes needed to remove all plastic before use.

So if you've got the itch to grill and you find yourself in a pinch without a more conventional grill choice and you happen to have a shopping cart handy you might be able to scratch that itch away. With that being said, we here at Pork Barrel BBQ would advise against it and suggest you just wait until you get back home and use the more conventional options.

If you've got funny or interesting pictures of grills or other BBQ tools send them to us at porkbarrelbbq@gmail.com and we'll post them on the blog.

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