February 20, 2009

The Tools of the BBQ Trade - The Weber Kettle Grill

Today marks the first in a series of blog posts on "The Tools of the BBQ Trade!" The great thing about BBQ is you only need a few items to make great BBQ.

The most important tool in any griller's arsenal is their bbq grill. You can go fancy and spend thousands of dollars on a professional grade smoker that will allow you to cook for half the town or you can go simple and inexpensive and get the grill that will be as loyal to you as your dog - that grill is the Weber Kettle Grill by Weber.

In the early 1950's backyard griller George Stephen, Sr. was determined to build a grill that would enable him to cook year around in all kinds of weather. He was part owner of Weber Brothers Metal Works in Chicago who among other products made sheet metal buoys for use on Lake Michigan. Stephen cut one of these buoys in half and created a dome shaped grill with a round lid and the Weber Kettle Grill was born. His grill became such a hit that he formed a barbecue division of the Weber Brothers Metal Works and eventual bought the Weber Brothers factory focusing the company on producing and selling the Weber Kettle.

As a proud owner of several Weber Kettles I fully endorse it and encourage you to look into one for your next grill. It is simple to use and diverse in its functionality. Whether you are simply grilling hot dogs and burgers or smoking a brisket or turkey the Weber Kettle won't let you down. It comes in several sizes, but even the most common 18.5 and 22.5 inch surface area sized Kettle's can accommodate a meal for a small dinner party. The best part is all this versatility can be yours for under $100 and will last the most avid of BBQ'ers 10 good years. 10 bucks a year isn't bad for such an essential BBQ tool!

Check out the Weber site at http://www.weber.com/us/.

In future blog posts we'll give you some tips and hints on how to get the most out of your Weber Kettle Grill. Be sure to try out our All American Spice Rub!

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