February 21, 2009

Let's Meat On The Avenue Becomes First Pork Barrel BBQ Retail Outlet

We are pleased to announce that Let's Meat on the Avenue became Pork Barrel BBQ's first retail outlet in December. We are especially grateful to Let's Meat on the Avenue's owner, Steve Gatward, for taking a chance on Pork Barrel BBQ, an unknown quantity at the time he agreed to carry our All American Spice Rub.

Let's Meat on the Avenue is located in the heart of Del Ray in Alexandria, VA. Steve carries pasture-fed, free range and hormone-free meat and poultry raised locally in Fauquier County. Let Steve and the fine folks at Let's Meat on the Avenue become your neighborhood butcher.

Let's Meat on the Avenue
2403 Mount Vernon Avenue
Alexandria, VA 22336
(703) 836-6328

Steve can be quite the character and is a lot of fun to talk to (As you can see from the photo!) and has an amazing selection of natural and organic meats - including beef, lamb, pork, chicken and even (coming soon) kangaroo!! He lived in Australia for almost 20 years and sells hamburgers and hot dogs from Greg Norman, a famous Australian golfer. As you can imagine, these items are a big hit with local golfers.

Next time you are in Del Ray, stop by Let's Meat on the Avenue and thank Steve for carrying Pork Barrel BBQ products and take home some of his natural and organic meats. Let's Meat on the Avenue is open Tuesday through Sunday and he's happy to take your special order and cut your order just the way you want it. Don't forget to visit Let's Meat on the Avenue on the Internet at www.letsmeatontheavenue.com.

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1 comment:

  1. Steve Gatward has made 'Let's Meat on the Avenue' a local Del Ray neighborhood and City of Alexandria legend!

    Steve's got a great selection of beef, pork, poultry and seasonings that will make you want to fire up the grill with your friends and neighbors!

    Drop by and see Steve and give him a "G'Day Mate!" as you take home some of his great cuts of beef, pork or poultry.

    You'll become a regular customer and you'll be telling your friends about Steve and 'Let's Meat on the Avenue!'

    Pat Malone
    Alexandria Aces Collegiate Summer Baseball