July 27, 2009

Websites and Blogs About Food That You Should Bookmark - www.CookManFood.com

If you've got a few extra minutes and your looking for a great food site surf on over to our friends Cook Man Food from Durango, Colorado at CookManFood.com. The guys were kind enough to post several blog posts featuring our All American Spice Rub. Check out post 1 and post 2 while you're checking out their excellent food blog.

Here is the Mission Statement of Cook Man Food -

Mission Statement – Good food, good friends, a good drunken story, that is how we want everyone to live. It could be the guys getting together for a football game and enjoying the latest twist on a Turducken, it could be climbing a few 14,000 foot peaks over a weekend and eating bacon wrapped elk bundles stuffed with cheese and mushrooms. There are many trips and places where the man food philosophy comes into play. This site will help you learn better ways of cooking other than your noodles with ketchup or your fast food no flavor crap. We all eat three meals a day (sometimes five) we might as well enjoy them all to the fullest. This site will help teach the trade and craft to do that with ease

Now that's a Mission Statement we can follow!

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