July 9, 2009

New BBQ Joint Coming To DC's Penn Quarter - Hill Country

One of the reasons we started Pork Barrel BBQ was because we thought that DC was lacking good BBQ joints. Coming from Kansas City we got spoiled by a town that within an hours drive of downtown boasts enough BBQ joints that one can eat at one everyday for an entire year and not have to eat at the same joint twice in the year.

When we aren't firing up our own grills in our backyards or at an event cooking our award winning BBQ we are still in search for great BBQ in the DC area. Last week we were excited to hear of the prospects of a new BBQ joint making its way to DC. Hill Country, a stalwart of the New York City BBQ scene (Is there a NYC BBQ scene? - I'm still trying to figure that out too.) is coming to DC's Penn Quarter (at 410 Seventh St., NW) sometime next year (we hear July).

Hill Country pays homage to Lockhart, TX's Kreuz Market. Kreuz Market is famous for selling its meats by weight and on butcher paper. A quick glance at the Hill Country website has us excited to try this new entry into the DC BBQ scene (Again, is there a DC BBQ scene? - We are still trying to figure that out too and if there isn't one we are trying to get one started.) Not only are we looking forward to trying their BBQ, we're looking forward to the prospects of a live country music venue in the heart of the city. Now the wait begins so you'll still be able to find us in our backyards and at events in the area handing out our BBQ to all of our fans.

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