June 21, 2009

Thanks to All Who Visited Pork Barrel BBQ at Beer, Bourbon and BBQ Festival!

Thanks so much to all our family and friends who came to visit us at the Beer, Bourbon and BBQ Festival! We had a great time, and gave out over 1,500 samples of pulled pork with Pork Barrel BBQ's All American Spice Rub. The best compliment of the day came from a BBQ'er of over 40 years, who said he has never purchased a BBQ dry rub (always made his own), but liked ours so much he had to buy a tin! It's moments like that that keep us going - thanks so much! If you want to taste what he is talking about - please be sure to buy a tin of our All American Spice Rub by visiting this link.

Of course, the REAL question is what does a BBQ company do after a long day at a Beer and Bourbon festival? Go for a well deserved drink and some more BBQ of course! Here's Pork Barrel BBQ's President Heath Hall:

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