June 5, 2009

Music Fog - Go Check These Guys Out!!!

When you have ghosts in your house you call Ghostbusters. When you need tips on BBQ you call Pork Barrel BBQ. When you have only a couple days to write, film and produce a 5 minute video that could have huge implications on the future of your business you call MUSIC FOG!!!!!

A million thanks to our friends at MUSIC FOG for doing us a solid favor by filming and producing this video for us on such short notice and with such professionalism. I'm pretty sure a couple of smoked briskets will be forthcoming as a token of our appreciation!!

If you like music and your looking for some great new artists to add to your iPod check out their website at www.musicfog.com. I promise you that you won't be disappointed.

Thanks Ben!!! Your friends at Pork Barrel BBQ!

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